Organic Cassava Flour
Cassava Flour Group
Organic Cassava Flour
Cassava Flour Group

Cassava Flour

Organic cassava flour is a mild flavored, white-to-beige colored flour that is popular with gluten-free bakers and snack-makers. Choose from fine, extra fine, all-purpose and toasted cassava flour.

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Organic cassava farmer Brazil

Although cassava flour has only become commercially available in North America within the last 10 years, cassava (also known as tapioca, manioc and yuca) has been widely used across Africa and South America in traditional dishes for centuries.

Ciranda's organic cassava flour is produced in Brazil from cassava roots which have been peeled, grated, pressed, dried and milled to the desired fineness. Choose from all purpose, extra fine, fine and toasted varieties where a higher number indicates a finer mesh/grind. Each flour has unique properties. 

AP60 (All-Purpose) - Some water binding; best for softer and lighter doughs; try it for tortillas, soft cookies and most other bakery or snack applications 

EF50 (Extra Fine) - Very high water binding capacity; creates cornbread type structure in bakery; softer fiber; well-suited for crisp cookies, crackers, chips, extrusions, breadings, prepared or frozen meals

F20 (Fine) - Highest water binding capacity; creates dense structure; chewy fiber; best for thickening soups or sauces; suitable for crisp baked goods, extruded cereals and snacks, breadings, prepared or frozen meals

T20 (Toasted) - High water binding capacity; coarse texture; adds crisp and crunch; slightly nutty flavor; well-suited for coatings/breadings and whole grain snacks

Gluten Free
Bars & Cereals
Frozen Meals
Meat & Meat Substitutes
Pasta & Noodles
Prepared Meals
Seasonings & Dry Blends
Snacks - Savory
Snacks - Sweet
Base Flour
Binding - Slight
Bulking Agent
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